Thursday, December 24, 2009

Someone is Looking At Me...



pn. norzakiah said...

Youur title and the pic make me laugh...

firstly i read the title of your pic and then i thinks who is that someone that look at you and then after i looked at the picture it makes me laugh..haha..

i like it...;)
~ pn. norzakiah ~

Patty said...

Nice photo. If he had had a camera he would have been taking your photo.

Mr.Chenta said...

knp monyet tu tak lari nampak orang? =D

sori lambat link blog
sibuk shoooting =)

ni dah link
keep in touch ;)

LuQmAn NuL HaKiM BiN HaMzAH said...

pn.norzakiah & patty: thanks..=)

Mr. Chenta: monyet tu nk bergambar kot...sbb tu dia stay je tu..hehe..
keep in touch too...=)